Jackscrew Gear - $99.95 For Chevy Blazer or GMC Jimmy Made in the U.S.A.

Product Information:

NEW Jackscrew Gear only
  • Replacement plastic outer gear and Inner metal gear for the Jackscrew (discontinued GM part # 15534873). Removing your old worn out gear from the housing only takes a minute.

  • To replace the gear simply remove the one screw that holds the cover on and then gently pry the cover off. Once the cover is removed you can remove the gear. Be sure to lube up the new gear with the appropriate grease. Then place the new gear inside the housing and put the cover back on the housing. Then tighten the screw that holds the cover on the housing.

  • The Jackscrew Gear mounts inside the housing which is connected to the cable that is connected to the motor. The cable turns the Jackscrew which then turns the regulator.

  • This Jackscrew Gear is used on full size Chevy Blazers and GMC Jimmy's from 1978 through 1991(with power window motors)